A)  Ellipsis

Definition:  The omission of words that are necessary for “correct” grammar.

Eg.  “We real cool.”  “We / Die soon”  à Verbs are missing in these examples

Eg.  “something understood.”


B)  Asyndeton

Definition:  The omission of conjunctions for a more compressed expression.

Eg. “Veni, Vidi, Vici” “I came, I saw, I conquered.”  (Caesar)  à The conjunction “and” is missing”




A)  Alliteration

Definition:  Consonants at the beginning of words are repeated.

Eg. “Lurk late,” “Strike straight,” “Sing sin”


B)  Assonance

Definition:  Vowels in the word are repeated

Eg. “cool…/school”


C) Anaphora

Definition:  Word repetition in the start of each clause.

Eg.  “We real cool.  We / Left school.”


D)  Polyptoton

Definition:  The repetition of the same root word.

Eg. “Losing my burden, / I lose what I need to be filled.”  (Riddle 14)

Eg.  “the dancers go round, they go round and around.”


E)  Climax

Definition:  Intensification based on the ordering of words in increasing importance.

Eg.  “Prayer, the church’s banquet, angel’s age”


Unusual/Interesting Word Order

A)  Parenthesis

Definition:  The introduction of a phrase or clause that disrupts the flow.  Can be introduced through commas, parentheses, or dashes.

Eg.  “a bugle and fiddles / tipping their bellies (round as the thick-sided glasses whose wash they impound) / their hips and their bellies off balance to turn them.”


B)  Apposition

Definition:  A phrase or clause that is used to define or reveal more information about something previously mentioned.

Eg.  Dr. Donaldson, my English professor, was in the library.

Eg.  Toronto, home of the Maple Leafs, experienced one its hottest summers this year.


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